What Is PDF and What Do You Need It For?

PDF (English Portable Document Format) is a universal electronic file format developed by Adobe Systems. It is capable of capturing information from various desktop publishing applications, has the ability to send formatted documents and transfer them directly to the recipient’s monitor or printer, which is very convenient for fast work. PDF is able to save original fonts, images and graphics without compression. Today, there are already many different programs that can convert files to this format and back - convert pdf to word online, for example.

How to Create and View PDF Files?

A PDF file can be used, viewed and printed using Adobe Reader, regardless of the name of the operating system, the original design of the application, or the font bank. This handy tool for working with PDF was released back in 1993 by a completely free application. And initially the programs for creating and viewing PDF files were quite expensive.

Is PDF Popular Today?

Today, PDF is a very popular worldwide format and is supported by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Over the past years, its capabilities have expanded significantly:

  • it is now able to contain additional elements, including links, form fields, audio;
  • and also used to collect electronic signatures that are legally binding;
  • access to files can be regulated using passwords.

There is support for various office and specialized applications, for example, you can easily transfer text from PDF to Word. Despite the fact that the PDF format was developed by the standards of IT for a long time, it continues to evolve and remains relevant to this day.

PDF Has Its Limitations, Such As:

  • Impossibility of text editing (except for specialized programs);
  • The need to sew non-standard fonts (for fans to do not according to GOST);
  • The need to use large enough bitmap images for clear display when printing.

Key Advantages of PDF:

  • Ease of use;
  • The ability to protect the file from the majority of actions of negligent users (tagging with markers, word search, text editing);
  • Viewer independence. In any viewer, it will look the same.

Now let's talk about how to create PDF.

How to Work with PDF

In MS Word 2010, 13, 16, select "Save As" and specify the file type: "PDF". You can also uncheck the "Open file after publication" checkbox in order not to open the PDF you created each time.

Save the document in MS Word 2010, 2013, 2016. In MS Word 2007, you download a plugin called "Microsoft Save as PDF", for example, from here. Install it, then start Word, click on the big button from the top-left: "Save as" -> "PDF" and save as PDF. Whenever you need another format, you will be able to convert it using online tools.