We are delighted to announce our new after school programming for the upcoming 2015 to 2015 school year! Our “Kindness Curriculum” uses the arts help students cultivate greater awareness and understanding of their ability to positively impact the lives of others through kindness, being welcoming, developing empathy and most importantly being of service. Thanks to an exciting inspiration from a local area quilter students will have the opportunity to create quilts squares imparting messages of support and encouragement for local area children picked up by police, fire, and protective services. After creating a quilt students will continue learning about kindness and the great power that they have to affect change by welcoming others. Through exploring their immigrant history students will learn about the diversity of our own community and recently landed immigrants. Students from all Project Yes programs will work together to create a mural reflecting these explorations. The Fall program will conclude with an opportunity to learn about elders in our community and the importance of respecting the wisdom that they represent. Students will learn cross-cultural perspective about how age is viewed an support local nursing home residents with holiday cards.

We will continue this art and service learning Odyssey through the spring semester by learning about respecting different abilities, caring for the planet, and encouraging leadership by helping students design and complete their very own projects for Global Youth Service Day.