Project Yes is more than just an arts and service learning program. We seek to awaken in our youth the deepest level of creativity: that we can, indeed, author our own lives, communities and society as we choose. By teaching youth about their connections to one another, the community and environment at large young people develop their sense as being part of a dynamic whole that both transforms them and can be transformed by them. We use art as an instrument not just for creative expression and the cultivation of emotional resiliency but also as free and unfettered space within which youth can envision new possibilities for themselves and their world. Truly this awareness cuts to the root causes of the alienation, depression, and anger that often manifests itself in poor life choices early leading to a lifetime of unrealized potential. In our programs we seek to arrest this cycle through community building, conscious exploration of various social issues, and finally hands-on service learning wherein our participants act on their empowerment by actively making positive change on issues that matter to them in the community.