Erotic massage in Prague – all that you need to know before embarking on one

If you’re thinking about ordering an erotic massage in Prague , then you might be curious about what you should expect and how to behave. If this is your case, then we have some info you could find useful before embarking on your sensual voyage…

Erotic massage – things to keep in mind before getting one

  • Make sure to choose the right treatment for you. Not every erotic massage is the same, and some are not for everyone. Depending on whether you want your experience to stray more into the highly sensual territory, or prefer something closer to the Swedish therapy, just with an erotic aspect to it, there are countless massage types to choose from – even exotic ones such as nuru and Hawaiian. Some adventurous types might even try the BDSM treatment…
  • Learn about the possible contraindications. There are times during which it is not advisable to embark on a rubdown, sensual or not. If you have a fever, flu, suffer from certain skin diseases, have sunburn or you’ve recently underwent an operation, it’s better to postpone your treatment a little bit more. Being on prescription medicine is another possible contraindication, depending which meds you’re currently taking. On the other hand, pregnancy may not be an obstacle to receiving this treatment at all.
  • Coming in after eating too much will not be pleasant – trust us. Having a small snack is possible, but otherwise, a full stomach will cause you great discomfort during your massage.
  • Smoking or drinking alcohol may relieve your nervousness, but it won’t improve your massage in any way. Massaging a smoker is not tremendously pleasant for the therapist, and alcohol will dull your senses, preventing you from properly enjoying yourselves.

You don’t have to be mute – state your wishes freely

Upon entering the salon, you will probably meet a receptionist and announce yourselves, after which you’ll be introduced to your chosen masseuse. If you’ve not chosen one any prior to your massage, you might pick one from the present staff. Some parlours even offer the so-called four-hand option, meaning you get to choose two therapists at once if you wish so!

Never be shy to talk to the girls before everything starts and your expectations known. Keep in mind, however, that an erotic massage does not equal direct sex and don’t even try to ask for it. You’re not at a brothel and these kind of services are not provided. Insisting on it might even result in you getting thrown out if you keep being too pushy. Aside from that, of course, you might have your own preferences about how the whole thing should transpire, and the staff is sure to cater to your wishes within the limits of reason.

You absolutely must shower prior

Depending on what’s your take on daily showering – research says that it’s not really necessary , you might or might not have showered prior to your visit. In either case, you will have to shower again. A preliminary washing on both your and your masseuse’s part is always an unavoidable part of the whole routine.

The thing itself is more than just erotic

If you’re in it only for the “happy ending”, you might be surprised! If the therapist does her job right, there might be no difference between this and a professionally delivered physiotherapy aside from the erotic addendum. In most cases, expect the full attention being paid to your body as a whole, and in no worse a fashion than you’d receive from a licensed therapist.

Tipping is always nice

Remember that only a small part of your treatment’s price goes towards your therapist. It is therefore always welcome if you chip in an extra tip. How much should that be is entirely up to you. Some people tip as high as 20% of the overall price, others go lower…

Now you should be equipped with some extra knowledge prior to receiving your pleasure – we hope you’ll put it to good use!

What exactly would be your expectations from this sort of service? Is it correct to tip in this context? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!