A Guide to Dota 2 for Beginners

By playing such game as Dota 2, you can win a lot or lose it all. Things will always depend on you, so you should be prepared for all the challenges. At https://dota-bet.com/, you should be aware of particular things:

A walk-through

Dota 2 is a free multiplayer that needs a good strategy, strong decision-making, and fast reactions. It is a complex game where players pick up heroes from a wide range of options. Once you step into the game, you will be teaming up with other players. Thus, you will be taking all the challenges by a team of five players.

The map

The map is your battlefield. It is split into sections, namely the Radiant and the Dire. Each side is marked with three lanes: top, middle, and bottom. The number of heroes depends on the decision of the team, but there are usually two players on top, one on the middle, and two on the bottom. To ensure an efficient gaming process, you have to learn the map, as it will help you throughout the game. To get more info, you can visit the official website of Dota 2.

The range of heroes

Dota 2 features more than 100 heroes, each of which has particular strengths and weaknesses you can experiment with. These heroes have clearly-determined roles that gain more power when they reach the next level. Some heroes can perform numerous roles. Pro teams also aim to introduce various roles for heroes that are played in their distinct roles. For instance, there are the “Supports” aiming to support the hero that has the major potential in the team. This hero is defined as the “Carry”, as it has a lot of resources to bring the whole team to victory.

The Items

Items give you particular skills that are related to your default skills. These serve as enhancers on your default skills. Some items don’t work well with your hero as it mainly depends on each particular situation. If you are a beginner at Dota 2, you can stick to the suggested items. You can also ask your friend, your team, or experienced player to assist you in choosing a proper item.

The art of last striking

Through the last hitting at Dota 2, you will gain a particular amount of gold. Killing a hero is associated with the higher amount of gold. Some heroes can spam their abilities to last strike, especially if it doesn’t cost a lot. There are various ways to last hit. Whether you press “S” or click on the death creeps, you have a chance to mix both. It is not recommended to auto attack creeps if only you are not aiming to start an “early push” game.