Guide on How to Play for Winston and Mccree in Overwatch

Overwatch is the game that is gaining great popularity among players of different age groups. The knowledge of this game can bring you success. Do you wonder how to earn on your hobby? Today, many bookies offer to place bets on this popular game. If you know all the heroes' advantages and disadvantages, you will be able to succeed while betting at In this guide, you have an opportunity to learn more about Winston and MacCree's pros and cons.

Winston Abilities

  • Tesla gun - by holding the trigger Winston's gun will damage the enemy with an electric discharge.
  • Jumping backpack - thanks to his backpack, Winston takes off into the air, and landing stuns nearby enemies and causes them damage.
  • Protective dome - Winston covers itself and teammates with a spherical field, which absorbs damage until the moment of destruction. Allies that are in the zone of the shield can continue to fight with the enemy.
  • The fury of the beast - Winston's bestial nature goes free. At this time, the hero's health margin increases, the melee damage also increases, and the cooldown of the Jumppack ability decreases. During rage, Winston can only use these abilities.

How to Play for Winston?

Main advantages of Winston:

  • Holding defense or capturing control points, the protective dome is an incredibly useful ability. Hold it until the enemy Reaper or Farra has an ult against your team, the game can completely turn over;
  • If you see a cluster of opponents, immediately use the Rocket pack and the Fury of the Beast. Before the ult, of course, you can put the dome, but the opponents are likely to have time to disperse.
  • You have the opportunity to climb into previously inaccessible places, thereby bypassing the enemy from the flank.


Since you cannot determine when the protective dome ceases to act, you must be extremely careful. It is advisable to at least roughly calculate how much damage it has already absorbed.

How to Play for McCree?


  • Peacemaker - McCree shoots from his Schistiff revolver. Also holding the trigger, the character completely discharges the entire “Peacemaker” drum at high speed.
  • Flip - Maccree in the direction of movement makes flip, and at the same time reloads the "Peacemaker".
  • Burst Grenade - McCree launches a burst grenade that explodes only after some time, as a result of which the closest opponents are stunned.
  • Accurate shooter - MacCree slowly concentrates, sets targets, gets his weapon, takes aim and shoots at the opponents in front.

Advantages of MacCree:

  • If you manage to get close enough to the enemy, you can assume that he is a corpse. Put the whole clip in it, then tumble and continue the fire;
  • Use Ultimate Apt shooter in a large open area. Then, the enemy just will not have time to hide, and you can aim. If the enemy is nearby, you can protect yourself by throwing a Light-noise grenade at them;
  • Ulta MacCree perfectly combined with abilities that can stun the enemy, for example, it can be the abilities of Reinhardt.

Disadvantages: Besides the tumble, MacCree has no defensive abilities, so you should always keep close to your teammates, so that if necessary they cover you.