Can You Afford CASCO Insurance Policy?

The CASCO insurance policy protects your car from virtually any trouble that may happen to it in the parking lot or on the road. All unforeseen costs associated with your car are reduced to almost zero! Sounds great, doesn't it? Learn more about this kind of insurance for you to be aware of all peculiarities.

It is believed that the high price is an inevitable attribute of a quality product, but insurance companies can reduce the cost of CASCO insurance. Today, taking into account economic realities, it is not enough to offer people reliable protection without exceptions and “pitfalls”. Quality CASCO should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income level.

What Factors Allow the Insurer to Reduce the Cost of Insurance?

Check the list of factors that make possible to get the desired 2 go auto insurance at an affordable cost.

  • A detailed risk assessment model created on the basis of both many years of experience and the experience of modern European insurers allows offering accurate and responsible CASCO drivers without overpayments for the risks of other motorists.
  • The unique Fast Track loss adjustment technology for the insurance market not only helps customers save time but also reduces the insurer's costs, directly affecting the cost of the policy.
  • Expertise and accumulated knowledge allow for professional control and business development. The use of "Smart Insurance" using telematics devices. During the use of this technology, the insurer can collect and carefully analyze a large amount of information about the driving style of customers. Drivers using telematics are not only less likely to get into accidents, but 15% less likely to be responsible for road accidents. Therefore, you can apply this knowledge to reassess the cost of CASCO insurance.

Check how to get affordable car insurance if your budget is limited.

What is Smart CASCO Insurance?

The advantage of smart insurance services is to provide vehicle owners with individual CASCO rates, depending on driving style and vehicle mileage. Data on the quality of driving is collected for a certain period of time using a special navigation and communication device installed in the car.

Smart insurance helps car owners not only to significantly save money when making a CASCO policy, but also to resolve controversial issues in case of an insured event. Insurance companies, in turn, are given the opportunity to “profile” the customer base and develop more targeted tariff plans.

With the help of discounts on CASCO, the insurance company motivates drivers to be more careful and disciplined, which increases traffic safety and reduces the costs of insurance companies. Find out how to get cheap full coverage insurance here.